A warm WELCOME to the BurgRestaurant…

Here at Burg Lichtenberg dine in a very special historical ambience: Where lords and knights once used to live, you can experience culinary delights today, modern kitchen meeting old walls and guests of all ages are warmly welcomed…

We have deliberately decorated our premises with the charm of the old castle. We value small lovely details and feel obligated to the great history of „our“ Lichtenberg Castle!

We love great food and fresh ingredients. The passion for the best food and creative cuisine has shaped our restaurant for many years and motivates us every day anew. The team around chef Peter Emrich combines traditional, regional cuisine with creative culinary ideas - of course, fresh and seasonal!

We especially like to recommend our game specialties: We hunt in our own area and thus guarantee the highest quality and sustainability. The cuisine of our BurgRestaurant processes the entire animal and stands consistently for the responsible handling of the „product meat“. Since 2017, we have additionally leased a trout pond to offer you freshly caught fish now.

Of course we also prepare vegan or lactose-free dishes for you and take into account food intolerances or allergies - the service team around Steffi Emrich always has an open ear for your wishes and needs…

If you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone:

0 63 81 - 26 33.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Steffi & Peter Emrich

Please have a look at our menu… 

Appetizers & Soups

Leaf salad in balsamicodressing 

with stripes of turkeybreast

9,80 €


Smoked trout 

with herb-cream & potato pancake

11,00 €



6,00 €



6,00 €


Beefsoup with pancakestrips

6,00 €

Main dishes

„Wiener Art“

Breaded porkschnitzel with french fries and salad

12,50 €

with sauce - 14,50 €


“Feuriges Rittergeschnetzeltes“ 

Meatstripes with vegetable rice and salad - „spicy“

11,00 €


Boiled beef with horse radish sauce, vegetables and potatoes

13,00 €


Fried Camembert cheese

with cranberries and salad

9,50 €


Turkeybreast in fruit-curry-sauce and salad

13,00 €



Pork tenderline in herbcream with mushrooms, 

homemade „Spätzle“ and salad

18,00 €


Steak - beef - with fried onions, home fries and salad

23,00 €


Salmon in winesauce

with vegetables and rice

19,00 €


Filetsteak with pear and bluemoodchese gratinated,

vegetables and finger noodles

29,00 €


Vegetarian: Fried green-core-spelt medallions 

with risotto and salad

10,00 €


Vegetarian: Noodles in white-cheese-sauce

with thai curry and salad

10,80 €


Vegan: Fried green-core-spelt medallions 

with rice and salad

10,00 €



In addition to our popular "dessert classics" we always offer you 

varying seasonal dessert specialties - you find them 

up to date on our „today’s special mirror“…


Enjoy our coffee and coffee-specialties:

Cup of Coffee


Cappuccino with cream and milk foam (powder cappuccino)

Italien Cappuccino

Latte Macchiato

Café Cocos with Cocos-Syrup

Café Bailey’s with vanilla ice-cream 

Caramelccino - Cold espresso with Milk and Caramel-Syrup

Café Advent - a pleasure, not only in winter: with Amaretto, cinnamon-sugar and cream

Irish Coffee

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate with Amaretto

Hot Coconutmilk

Hot Caramelmilk …

BurgRestaurant auf der Burg Lichtenberg | Montag & Dienstag Ruhetag.

Ab 13. Mai 2020 wieder geöffnet!!! 

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